The Sensible Pencil

I purchased this program a while back to use with students with handwriting difficulties. Like other handwriting programs, The Sensible Pencil teaches manuscript letters and numbers. I haven't found it to be any more or less effective than other programs. I don't tend to follow the program precisely and tend to pull out what I like and need from the binder.

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When the IEP calls for handwriting improvement —The Sensible Pencil hashelped thousands of children in the past 15 years. Order for your school or district today, and experience the success of others.

A Comprehensive handwriting program that teaches manuscript letters and numbers to young children and all students with special needs—especially Down Syndrome and Autism.
Teaches upper and lower case manuscript letters and numbers.
Can be used with individuals and/or small groups.
Contains pre/posttests.

Includes 200 activity sheets that eliminate the need for any other workbook.
It’s self contained, ready-to-use, no additional workbooks required.
The Sensible Pencil is an ungraded, individualized, direct instruction program for teaching upper and lower case manuscript letters and numbers. The 200 exercises provide step-by-step readiness activities that are the foundation of all writing skills. New tasks are gradually introduced while tasks already learned are continually reviewed to ensure success.
Careful consideration is given to visual clues, prompts and letter size. Letters are clustered and presented on the basis of difficulty and similarity in formation. All worksheets move the writer forward at an attainable pace and provide abundant success for the new writer and encourage independence.

The Sensible Pencil is so carefully structured that it can be used with individuals or small groups and can be presented by the teacher, aide or volunteer. For the student, it includes over 200 worksheets, pretests, posttests. Packed in a sturdy 3-Ring binder

The kit runs about $195.

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