Prewriting Practice

Prior to learning to write, a child must initiate the following strokes. These strokes are developmental and all are incorporated into letters. If your child cannot copy or independently draw these prewriting strokes, they may not be ready for writing letters. Prewriting strokes typically come before actual letter writing.

Imitate: looks at you do it and then tries it out
Copy: looks at written representation and draws shape
Independent: when asked "draw circle" can draw a circle without any cues

12 months Marks with pencil
18 months Scribbles spontaneously
24 months Imitates vertical line, horizontal line and circular stroke (not actual circle)
3 years Copies circle, imitates cross
4 years Copies cross, draws person with 2 body parts
4.5 Copies square, copy simple word
5 years Copies triangle, draws simple house, draws recognizable person with 6-7 parts
Copies first name
5.5 years Prints first name
6 years Prints frist and last name

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